Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weird Lights At The Radar

Last Friday night, a friend and I took a drive up to the Beaver Bank radar base. It was after nightfall and we decided to make the evening a little more creepy by not using our flashlights on the way up the road to the operations building. As we came to the crest of the hill, we heard something behind us. We both turned around, curious by the sound, but it turned out to be a bunch of kids doing the same as us -- checking out the abandoned base.
Once we had gotten to the building itself, we climbed inside and did a little bit of looking around the interior. At one point we headed up to the roof, the other group of people were on the roof of the radome silo looking out towards the woods.
One of the kids glanced over to us and said "Do you guys know what that is out there?"
I looked out towards what they were looking at and saw a dim white light bobbing up and down just below the treeline way off into the distance near O'Hearn Lake. I said to him, "No idea, how long's it been doing that?" He had told us that it's been there for about five minutes.
I took some pictures of it, but they only came out black. After a few more minutes, the light rose above the treeline and moved away from us and over the horizon in a matter of seconds.
People always say that weird stuff goes on up at the radar, but I'd never really believed them before. Interestingly enough, this apparently isn't the first time this strange light has been seen up there.