Sunday, December 6, 2009

Halifax Tunnels

So there's been recent talk on a forum I'm with about the downtown Halifax tunnels.

Seeing these new threads have rekindled my interest in finding access to these hidden tunnels. We know already that there are more than one tunnel. One main tunnel running from Fort George to the Halifax Dockyards along George Street, with possible access all along here. Then there are others that were found throughout the years at Grafton/Prince Streets, Granville/Duke Streets, and Market/Duke Streets. With the slim possibility of tunnels from Fort George to the Halifax Armoury and from the Halifax Dockyard to Georges Island (Fort Charlotte).

The main tunnel under George St. has been confirmed to run right under the Parade Square near town hall, with a possibility of access from under the square itself, as there's a storage space. Also a possibility of access from the basement of town hall.

I figure I won't try and gain access until I know more about where there might be possible entrances, namely until spring.

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